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Wine Hardware Essentials
In addition to great wine. Grove Winery also supplies essential items for the enjoyment of wine. is your source for the best prices on essential wine hardware and wine themed gift items. We also keep shipping costs low. Our website offers many of the same items found in our tasting room and include great quality corkscrews and wine preservation mainstays like Private Preserve and the VacuVin system.
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Here are all the products in this category:
Tipsy Stixs
Tipsy Stixs - Sophisticated Outdoor Fun
$ 0.00
Undercabinet Stemware Rack
Under Cabinet Stemware Rack
$ 14.85
Undercabinet Wine Rack
Undercabinet Chrome Wine Rack
$ 19.95
Winetag Cellar Set - WineTags™ and pen.
$ 0.00
Glass Pens
Glass Pen
$ 6.99
Afterglow Bottle Wicks
Afterglow Wine Bottle Wicks
$ 6.49
Wine Bottle Holder
Hand-crafted Wood Personal Wine Bottle Holder
$ 9.99
Wrap & Chill
Wrap & Chill Wine Cooler
$ 7.48
Rapid Ice Wine Cooler
Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler
$ 8.99
Label Lift
Oenophilia Label Lift
$ 5.99
Wooden Wine Puzzle
Wooden Wine Puzzled (Wine Glass, Champagne Glass or Bottle)
$ 14.75
Drop Stop
Drop Stop
$ 3.94
Drop Ring
Drop Ring
$ 5.98
Vacu Vin Wine Server
Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Server - Pours Wine Smoothly
$ 4.99
Wine Away
Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover
$ 0.00
Wine Glass Necklace
Wine Glass Holder Necklace
$ 3.98
Stemware Brush
Oenophilia Stemware Cleaning Brush
$ 5.98
Haley's Corker
Haley's Corker
$ 6.99