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Reserve Estate Cab Sauvignon

At Grove, we only release a reserve wine when we believe we have something special. We had two barrels of the 2011 Cabernet that tasted stunning so we let these barrels age longer, 37 months in European barrels. 47 cases were bottled on 6/4. We will release this 2011 Reserve Estate Cabernet Sauvignon at Grove on Sunday 6/28. As good or better than some California cabernets costing $100 a bottle.

  • The 2011 Reserve Cabernet took a Gold Medal at the 2015 NC State Wine Competition.
  • Our last Reserve Cabernet, 2007, took silver medals at the 2009 Mid-Atlantic Wine Competition and the 2010 NC State Wine Competition and medaled at the prestigious 2009 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition.

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