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Red Wines

Red Wines from Grove Winery & Vineyards
Grove Winery handcrafts premium wines, 80% of which are grown on our own estate vineyards. The 5000 square foot winery has a capacity of 4200 cases (10,000 gallons). For a list of some of the awards won click on the image on the left. Order 6 bottles and receive a 5% discount. Order 12 bottles and receive a 10% case discount.

The US Postal Service will not ship liquids. All wine orders must be shipped FedEx/UPS. Please select that shipping option if wine is included in your order. Proof of age is required. Wine ships most efficiently in 2, 4, 6 and 12 bottle packages. Wine cannot be shipped out of the United States or to the states of AK, AL, AR, KY, MD, NH, NM, NY, OK, PA, RI, SD, TN and UT. We reserve the right to delay shipments because of unusually hot or cold weather.

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Here are all the products in this category:
Reserve Estate Cab Sauvignon
Reserve Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
$ 39.00
Estate Grown Bordeaux/Meritage Blend, Multiple Medal Winner
$ 35.00
Reserve Merlot
Grove Estate Reserve Merlot
$ 32.00
Reserve Malbec
Grown 12 miles N of Grove at Storrs Vineyards, Gold Medal Winner 2015 NC Wine Competition
$ 30.00
Cabernet Sauvignon
Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon - Silver Medal at 2015 NC Wine Competition
$ 32.00
Cabernet Franc
Estate grown Bordeaux grape
$ 22.00
Estate-grown Merlot, Gold Medal and 88 Point Rating
$ 22.00
Grove Estate Nebbiolo (same grape as Italy’s famous Barolo) - Gold Medal at multiple wine competitions
$ 225.00
Grove Estate Sangiovese
$ 20.00
Grove Estate grown grape originally from Spain's Rioja region
$ 30.00
Grove Carménère
$ 19.00
Block B
Block B - Bordeaux/Meritage Blend - Silver Medal Winner at Multiple Wine Competitions
$ 27.00
Malbec - Medal Winner at Multiple Wine Competitions
$ 19.00
Low impact, native-American grape, dry-red wine
$ 18.99
Estate Grown Dry Rosé, multiple medal winner
$ 18.00
Rosso Dolce
Estate grown Italian-style sweet red. Silver Medal winner at 2015 Mid-Atlantic Wine Competition
$ 18.00