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Grove Tasting Room Shelves Gourmet Food Items
Enjoy gourmet, locally produced food items from our tasting room.
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Here are all the products in this category:
Chestnut Flour
High Rock Farm Chestnut Flour
$ 0.00
Mulling Spices
Mulled Wine Spices
$ 4.99
Bone Suckin Sauce
Bone Suckin' Sauce - Original 16 oz jar
$ 6.99
Grape Vine Prunings for Grilling
Grape vine cutting for grilling
$ 20.00
Basic Gift Baskets
Customizable Basic Gift Basket
$ 29.99
Deluxe Grove Gift Basket
Deluxe 2 Bottle Customizable Grove Gift Basket
$ 78.50
Giacomo's Salami
Giacomo's Salami Chub
$ 8.99