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All types of high-quality wine bottle openers
Grove offers the best prices on a large selection of high quality corkscrews.
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Here are all the products in this category:
Ah-So Two prong cork puller
Ah So 2 prong cork puller
$ 3.99
Waiter's Corkscrew
Waiter's Corkscrew with Teflon Worm
$ 3.99
Pulltap Professional Corkscrew
Pulltap Corkscrew
$ 7.98
Boomerang Corkscrew
Boomerang Corkscrew - Black
$ 9.99
Rabbit-style Corkscrew
Deluxe Rabbit-style corkscrew
$ 19.99
Twist Corkscrew
Twist Corkscrew, Clear/gray
$ 8.98